Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 17- Earth Day Mani

I added this stamping for Earth week after having this polish on for a few days so the base polish is a bit worn ;) Still came out great though, I think.

Most of the images came from my Red Angel plates but a couple are Bundle Monster designs.

I thought about doing the elements like fire, water, wind, and earth but I just wasn't feeling it once I started looking through all my image plates.

Love this one the best :D

I've also decided that every year for Earth week (in an effort to lessen my carbon footprint) I will make a new resolution to be 'greener'. We do it for New Year's why not for Earth Week? So this year my resolution is to re purpose as much plastic and cardboard materials into my crafts and scrapbooking as possible. This will be a win two fold as it will not have to go to recycling and it will reduce the amount of supplies I need to buy. Whatcha think? Are you willing to go an extra step and commit to being a little greener each year for Earth Week? Let me know your ideas :D Love to read them!

Sinful Colors 'Nirvana'

Here is Sinful Colors 'Nirvana'. I must say that I really do love this polish! It went on smooth and and wore well through the week. Yes, I had this polish on for a whole week!!! Can't remember the last time I did that.

It's a beautiful, dark and dusty brown. It reminds me of the brown in camouflage. Truly lovely and goes with just about anything.

Yummy! Look at that creamy brown! Kind of a muted Espresso.

Love this one. Such a great polish for just $1.50!

I will be wearing this one again for sure.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 16- Dotticure Mani

A little late but here is my week 16 Dotticure for the challenge. Here's my Bumble Bee Mani!

I have been working on my scrap booking a lot lately and there is a new baby boy in the family so I haven't found my time for blogging lately, forgive :) I have, though, had my nails painted the whole time. Not all of them were all that exciting though. I do have some past manis to share if I can just make the time and sit down to post them! I will...and soon.

The yellow was Sinful Colors 'Unicorn' and this is my first time ever to wear yellow polish. The formula was crazy sheer and took three heavy coats to opacity. I NEVER use three coats!! It took forever to apply and to dry :P and to top that off when I applied my Seche Vite it pulled like crazy ruining the mani! Sooo.... I had to put on ANOTHER coat and top it with Orly's 'In A Snap' which worked fine. I made my own decals with the bees and free handed the dots with my dotting tool.

This mani was a bit of a PITA but I guess I'm still glad I tried it. I have seen bees and butterfly manis for the past year and always wanted to try them.

I like the larger bumble bee on my thumb the best, too bad I got a bubble in it :P

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Mani Part 2

I thought I would spend the last half hour of the last day of the week a slip in one more Spring mani for the challenge :D

The base is Sinful Colors 'Cinderella' topped with Finger Paints 'Shimmering Top Coat' and then a little Color Club 'Covered in Diamonds' on the accent nail. Then for the plaid I used Pure Ice 'Wild Thing', SH 'Bubblegum Pink', and Kiss white nail art stripper polish.

I did this without a test and I was tired so forgive the little shakies ;D

I kinda like this one. I may have to wear it a day or two which means that I wont have my 'Dotticure' posted till Monday or Tuesday.

Finally a tiny bit of the pink shimmer shines through!

Cinderella Mani with Bling!

When I first applied Cinderella I thought it looked like a baby blue with Finger Paints 'Shimmering Top Coat' on it. Well, when the iridescent pink faded a little I thought I would put some back in it....and then some! My camera just can't do this mani justice ;( I had to go out of focus to pick up even a little of the pink shimmer but let me tell you ladies---if you have these two polishes PUT 'EM TOGETHER! You wont regret it. I couldn't stop looking at my nails for three days.

Another blurry shot to show the dense pink shimmer.

Then I added some Color Club 'Covered in Diamonds' to the accent finger. I think it looks like that iridescent Easter grass :D Again, the camera did not give this mani any help but, trust me, it's a winner.

'Cinderella' by Sinful Colors

I realize that soooo many people have posted swatches of this but so what :p

I finally decided to stop in a Walgreen's and pick it up. It was the last one in the rack so it must still be fairly sought after. I'm glad I grabbed it because it really is a great polish, especially for $1.50!

It's a beautiful soft baby blue with micro pink glimmering flakies in it :D Yummy!

A close up.

When it dried it lost a little of it's iridescent pink shimmer but it was still beautiful and you could still see it if you looked.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 15 - Easter Spring Mani

Here is my Easter mani! I just love wearing it. I was out at a few stores yesterday and got a lot of compliments :D It's nice to know that more and more people are appreciating nail art and broadening their horizons past pink. red and beige.

Here's my right hand

I started with a base of Pure Ice 'Super Star', taped off a little less than half my nail and painted the rest with SH 'Bubblegum Pink', Pure Ice 'New Lilac' and Pure Ice 'Wild Thing'.

This was my first time using the white from Pure Ice. I'm not too disappointed but I still like SH 'White On' much better. Their purple was a nice frosty formula and the green is just awesome! It also works great for stamping. Notice how the green turned the white polka dots a lighter shade of green? I wish they all did that cause I LOVE it!

Then just to make them feel a little more like Easter eggs I added some stamping. This design was in large part from a design by PHD (Polish Hoarder Disorder) from a LONG time ago. I wish she still was blogging because I loved her art.

With the thumb :)

Another shot of my right hand plus thumb.

What do you guys think? Did you enjoy this challenge?

What is your favorite white base? Why?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week 14- Stripes Mani

I wasn't really happy with my striped nail design earlier this week so I decided to redo it.

I'm so glad I did because I absolutely LOVE this one!!

I stared with Mabelline 'Onyx Rush' and added foil pin striping. I wouldn't say it was easy or fast but I will say that it was easier and faster than I expected! I will do this mani again for sure. I think it would be perfect for New Years Eve.

A shot out in the sun :D

Love this rainbow design!

Oh, and btw, Mabelline's 'Onyx Rush' was a disappointment. The brush was stiff, cheap and uneven. It wasn't even close to being wearable without two thick coats. And it dried very dull. Not matte, like a neat looking dull but just blah :P Still it didn't slow down this rockin' mani so I'm still happy :D

I still haven't had a chance to catch up with every one's blogs but I'm hoping I can find time someday soon. Thanks for peeking in!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stripes Mani on Fastback

I added some stripes to my 'Royal Navy' and 'Silver Mercedes' Fastback mani from yesterday :)

This is my first time using a new striping nail art brush so I'm a bit shaky on my lines but I still really like it!

I've only done one other stripes design and that was for Halloween.

Here's a single shot of my right hand. I still need more practice but it's not too terribly shaky.

Did you all enjoy your week 14 challenge? Did you have trouble like me with the shaky lines?