Monday, August 29, 2011

Color Club 'Worth the Risque' Holo!

I took many, many pictures of these to try to show this polish in all it's glory but alas, this is all I could get. I think it gives a feel of the amazing holographics but you must see it in person to really appreciate it. I ordered four new Color Club Holographic polishes from 8tyeight beauty two weeks ago and I am thrilled with them. This is two coats over a white base and topped with Seche Vite.

Vickburg, MS Mansion

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Vicksburg Courthouse, MS  (Civil War Historical Town off the Mississippi river)

Monument in the Civil War Battlefields

Entrance to Dome
Looking up in the dome from the center had
amazing echo and acoustics here

Another Monument in the Civil War Battlefields

Views of New Orleans

Jackson Square in the French Quarter

The New Orleans Police Station and City Hall

A veiw of the classic balconies on Royal St.
'Living' balconies in the French Quarter

Beautiful old church on Claiborne st. at Jefferson

New Orleans Cemetary

'Oven Wall Vaults'

The oldest above ground cemetary in New Orleans, LA. They refer to these as the cities of the dead
and contain the remains of many famous people including the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.
These were just amazing to walk through!

If you ever find yourself near New Orleans you simply HAVE to stop and experience this.

In the Swamps of Louisiana w/ Gators!

In the Swamps of Slidell, Louisina

Here's the type of boat we were on. Just now leaving the docks.

A baby gator and a not so baby gator! Look at this thing come out of the water! The tour guide was feeding it hot dogs LOL! This one was around 6 feet long or so.

Giant Mud Bug (AKA crawfish)

Alexandria, Louisiana

This was just too funny! I took WAY too many pictures of this silly crawfish lol. I saw it on as one of the 'out of the ordinary' things to see on a roadtrip and when we passed by I just had to get out to take a few pictures :)

Why I didn't post for so long..Vacation :D

Natchitoches, Louisiana

I Got Nail Mail-4 New HOLOs!!

'Rage' with Cheeta stamping

This was my first time using this image stamp and I must say it was quite eye catching with that bright gold. And surprisingly in the natural sun the rage looked a little pink-ish. Unfortunately, I was only able to wear it for two days before it stated chipping! Ugggg! I have never had any problems with chipping before!
This is my first time using Orly and my first time using NYC top coat. I read that the Nailasaurus used NYC topcoat and since I have been having problems lately with my Sally's top coat and bubbling I decided to try the NYC brand. My guess is that the chipping was more likely caused by the NYC topcoat than the Orly. I will be putting away the NYC topcoat for now and only using it on sample nails.

Orly 'Rage'

Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm a little worried

Ever since my mix up with the name change a couple days ago I've been worried that I lost some people :(

If y'all wouldn't mind could you please reply "I'm still here" or something like that so I can stop wondering? Wether your a member or not I would really love to know who's out there and still interested.