Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Beginning!

OK here's my test images :P. This was the first of many days to follow that I started to play with polish.

I started by globbing silver Sally Hansen 220 Celeb City on top of SH 170 Deep Purple after a failed attempt of water marbling with my Cousin who was visiting from Amarillo.YUK! lol. Looked a little Halloween to me.

A few days later and a few YouTube tutorials later on water marbling I was able to come up with a usable design with Loreal Shock Proof 920 French Tip White, Sally Hansen 320 Fuchsia Power and Artmatic 163 Peacock Blue. I should also mention that the blue was over 15 years old!!! And i didn't even add thinner! Can't believe a cheep-o polish could last that long! So while my first attempt at water marbling wasn't great, it wasn't too bad either (I've seen worse lol).

IMAGEs 3,4 & 5
Then I just started playing with the colors I had like hot pink (images look red sorry), more of the Deep Purple, black, white and silver. Just a bunch of experimenting.

From here it just took off!

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