Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rainbow tiger striped nails ;)

Here's a visual tutorial of how I did my gradient effect for my rainbow tiger stripe mani.


  1. Love this! Did you do the stripes with a liner brush or a stamping plate?

  2. Awwwwww my first comment:D Yes I used a liner brush, Kiss from WalMart. It is about $7 for a pack of three different colors. I was a little disappointed with my design because I have done a better job in the past. I think it looks best if you A. Look at it from a distance while striping B. Use light flowing long strokes C. Use fewer lines than I just did ;) and D. Use a topcoat first so that if you need to fix a boo-boo with a Q-tip dipped in remover- you can (just be sure to blot it first and go quickly).

    I really wanted to use a stamping plate but since I'm brand new at it I didn't think I could pull off matching up a full nail design for the zebra (the stamp is a little too small for my middle finger, ring finger and thumb). But guess what? I've been thinking about that too and decided late last night to do a gradient/rainbow with zebra stamping :) I was able to match the print up- sort of anyways :) I'm going to blog it right now!

    Thanks for your question :) looks like my answer turned into a blog of it's own LOL

  3. Thanks! This Line, one of your members Lol! I have to comment as "anonymous". Sorry I don't know how those blog things work (I'm a dork). thanks for you answers. Hug!

  4. There is a drop down box right under the white comment box where you can choose who to "comment as:" hope that helps :) I'm quite new to all this as well, we can figure it out together:) and thanks for the post! If you have and request or suggestions for future blogs just post it as a comment. Hugs back!