Sunday, July 17, 2011

First @ Gradient (blending)

I totally love the way these came out! This is going to be on my nails in the very near future! I used Wet n Wild 'Saved By The Blue', Finger Paints 'Hue Rang?' and L.A.Colors Bright Pink (although it looks red). I tried every kind of lighting but could not get it to show up pink! The pics in natural light would'nt even show the purple hue so this was the best I could manage. I also added some animal stripes by hand to give some 'drama' to the design :D


  1. Love! Did you use a sponge for these?

  2. I did! I used the end of a cosmetic sponge and it worked great. I find it easier to paint the sponge and then apply to your nail. Make sure you tape off your cuticles as much as possible too cause it gets messy and cleanup can be a bear! Try not to sponge it on more than 2-3 times per nail/per polish swipe because the polish will start to dull and get unwanted texture. Hope that helps :D