Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Got my Bundle Monster Plates!!!

OMG, can't believe i finally got them in the mail yesterday! It really only took a week for them to get here from Hawaii, but I was soooooo impatient. Everyday I would log on to Google Images or other nail blogs to see some of the designs I would soon be able to do *insert Evil Scientist laugh while rubbing my hands* Mmmwaaaaahaha lol.

I can't remember the last time I was this excited about anything so silly :), I love it. I was thinking how wonderful it is to be so easily amused and to have the ability to find such joy in such simple little things :D it really is a blessing if you think about it. This 'nail art stuff' really seems to be scratching my creative 'itch'.

Soooooooo, back to the Bundle Monster Plates! Well the third time checking the mailbox was a charm and low and behold there they were *angels singing*. I rushed in the house to look at my new beauties! I removed all the wrapping, including the blue plastic (man those were a pain) and inserted them ever so lovingly into their new home-a business card file book. I had already preprinted some of my favorite new colors on test nails the night before so I was ready to Rock-n-Roll right out of the gate! It was a little sketchy at first and I had to take a couple deep breaths here and there but then I started getting some useable images :) YEAH! I found that I prefer Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep the best for stamping so far. Maybe today I will try some of the other colors by SH and WetnWild again to see if it was just lack of technique that was giving bad results.

The best I can figure as far as technique goes is:

1. Be generous with the polish

2. Scrape @ a 90 degree angle with purpose (but not too fast or slow) and only 1 pass

3. Don't roll the stamper on the plate- stamp it on and kind of quickly!

4. If an image doesn't look quite right on the stamper..Don't put it on your nail!!! Just bite the bullet, wipe it off with a Q-tip dipped in polish remover.

5. If you need a second image you can just do it- no need to clean the plate if your doing the one after another (but..I've only done two in a row)

6. Take a moment to line up your design- it's not a race lol you have a window, true, but it's no fun to have to remove your polish and start from scratch either!

7. Clean up with a tiny paintbrush lightly dipped in remover

8. Don't forget your topcoat and to take some pictures and share them with ME!

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