Friday, September 30, 2011

Stamping on Gagalectric

Ooops, forget to post the pics of my staming designs on Gagalectric :D
This first one is with Konad plate m72 using Konad special white and topped with a white french tip (albeit a quite thick and messy one lol). I haven't done a french mani in a long time and I should have thinned it down before application, appologies if it hurts you eyes LOL. But look at that adorable, sparkly ladybug :D

This one was done with Konad plate m78 using Konad special white. This is my first attempt with this plate and the stamping is a little off but I really love the look of it so I will practice with it more in the near future. I just got these two plates in a set of 25 off Amazon. They aren't real Konads but the design is identicle on most plates. I can share the link to these if any of you are interested, just let me know.

And look, I sparkly ladybug has a pearly white friend :) I'm digging the bugs :D

Close ups

Sorry about the shadows, I should have checked my images before I removed my polish. Kind of in a hurry though. On and I forgot to mention that I added a Sally's pinkish glitter topper to my thumb and ring fingers on both hands.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Close Ups of Pink Animal Print Mani

Again, I would ususally only wear one of these designs with a regular mani but for the Breast Cancer Awareness Run.......GO FOR IT!

Pink Awareness Animal Prints

These were done with REAL polish HAHAHA. Oh, thank goodness! They dry so much smoother and shiny and they blend :D

I don't have a huge selection of pinks that go together so I used what I had. On this mani I used SH X-treme Wear  'Bubblegum Pink', Wet n Wild Fast Dry 'How I Met Your Magenta', Wet n Wild Flirt 'Femme Fatal' and Flirt 'Never Been Kissed' for the white. I used a couple different sized nail art brushes and my dotting tool. All topped with a heavy coat of SV to fill in the ridges.

Pink Awareness Mani with Bling!

Again, on this mani I used SH X-treme Wear  'Bubblegum Pink', Wet n Wild Fast Dry 'How I Met Your Magenta', Wet n Wild Flirt 'Femme Fatal' and Flirt 'Never Been Kissed' for the white. Then I embellished with some Bundle Monster Bling using pink hearts and stars as well as silver rhinestones. Annnnd a pretty pink pettled flower :D

I liked the thumb and pinky the best, the others either had too much or too littl (or just bad placement). This is my first time with these AND it was done on my right had-----bad combo lol. Forgive.

Shimmer, Glimmer :D

I normally would never wear this much bling but for a Breast Cancer Awareness Run.....You BETCHA!

BIG, BOLD and IN YOUR FACE!!! hehehe

Stamping on Tri Color Acrylics

I used Konad special white and Konad plates m60, m73 and Bundle Monster BM-221. Also used the dottingn tool with LA Colors silver.

These are all a bit messy and my cuticles are in serious need of some TLC but I wanted to get all these designs out this week :D

My thumb is stamped with BM-11 and trimmed with Kiss silver striper. It doesnt' even come close to being long enough especially on the diagonal and I would have taken more time on this or fixed it if I were going to wear it but you still get the idea :D

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Awareness Acrylic Pink Nails

These nails were painted with acrylic paints and topped with SV. I didn't have three matching hues of pink so I dicided to use 'Hot Pink' by Apple Barrel and add white to create new shades. The colors came out find but the application was difficult and it took two coats of SV just to hide the majority of the brush strokes :P. I wanted to do a couple sime base coat designs that people could add to with ribbons or stamps or decals.

The dots were too large for my dotting tools so I used the end of a paintbrush. I think these would have bee better either with fewer dots or with even larger dots that overlaped eachother here and there. I do think they are cute and light hearted though and with the white base they will surely catch some attention :D You could also add an accent nail with another (maybe darker) base and then add a pink ribbon.

Test Designs for Pink Awareness Nails

This is my page of sample ideas painted with Apple Barrel acrylic paints 'Hot Pink' with and without white added to create 3 matching shades. I also use a Kiss silver glitter striper with some of them. All of these are inspired by and to support Breast Cancer Awareness. A good nail blogger friend came up with the idea to wear for her breast cancer awareness walk coming up this weekend in Canada. hope you like them Line :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Essence 'Gagalectric'


Well as you can see this is FAR from holographic. Although it is a pretty duo chrome :)
In the bottle it looks purple with blue hues but on you nails looks mostly pink with blue hues and a pearly purple glimmer. This is three coats and you can still see the whites of my nails slightly. Application was easy and even though it's not holographic (which I could tell in the store) I still like it and will wear it again.

These last two are outside and give a much better feel for its true color.

And here's another bold ring to match :) I'm just loving these silly things. Life's too short to be boring and predictable!

What do you guys think? Have you bought any of the

I also picked up the dark blue one at Ulta so I will be wearing that next week.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Verticle Striped Water Marble

This is my first attempt at the stripes design with water marbling. I think they came out OK. I didn't have to redo any of them- that's a first lol.

I used Pure Ice 'Calypso' for my accent fingers and stamped them with Konad m64 with Konad White special polish

Here's one of my new 'Big and Bold' rings to match my new mani :D

I made my water marble design with LA Colors (a non name medium blue cream and a teal cream) along with Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear White On. Pardon the goop on the white ;) The water marbling can get a little messy at times :)

I really miss doing water marbling, I need to make sure I do one every couple of weeks or so. What do you guys think? Do you water marble? What's your favorite blend of colors? Do you use the flower pattern, star pattern, swirls or just random?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stamping on Disturbia

I felt the need to add a little Bling so out came the Bundle Monster plates :) I used China Glaze 'Passion' with BM#01. I kinda dig it. What do you guys think? Better with or without the stamping?

Wet n Wild 'Disturbia'

Hello ladies!
Sorry for not posting as much lately. Sometimes life doesn't allow for much fun :).

This is Wet n Wild's 'Disturbia' from their Megalast line. I found it at Albertsons of all places and picked it up for only $1.25 on sale. It was the only color in the line that I liked. The rest were too 'predictable' with varying hues of pink, rouge and neutrals.

This is a dark eggplant color with a subtle shimmer if you look closely enough. It is darker on than in the bottle and seems nearly black from a distance. It's a pretty color but I think a bit too dark to show the subtle shimmer. This is two fairly heavy coats and applied like a jelly. You can see in the bottom pic that one heavy coat is not nearly enough. I should have used three but I thought it may look even darker if I did. I also don't have much experience with jellies so I had a terrible time trying to clean up my cuticles. I took these pictures about 12 house after application and you can already see tip wear even with a SV topcoat.

Some other things to mention are the small bottle (.3 oz) and the short wide brush. I think they were trying to copy Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri brush but ultimately failed do to it being too short and the bristles not being even at all. All in all I'm a little dissapointed. I realize this is a lower end polish but i have been satisfied with my other WnW products for the most part. I mean I dont hate it enough to throw it away but I don't think I will be buying and more of this line in the future.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Playing w/ Stamps on MPJ

Well it was hard to do but I finally took off OPI 'My Private Jet' but before I did I tried a bit of stamping on it :D. I wouldn't usually even think of covering up such a pretty polish but since it was coming off anyway I thought I would take the opportunity to play with my stamps on my real nails instead of my 'dummy tips'.

The only color I could think of that would go well with MPJ is silver. I was originally thinking I would try gold but once I got the gold next to it it just didn't seem to go. I used Pure Ice 'Silver Mercedes' for the first time for the stamping polish. Till now I have been using SH Insta-Dri 'Silver Sweep' exclusively for my silver stamping. I read other bloggers have had success with Silver Mercedes and though it was worth a try (especially at less than half the price). I'm very happy with it. I liked the smaller brush size for the smaller images and there is less waste. Combine that with the $$ saving and 'Houston, we have a winner'! I am trying to use and test all my Bundle Monster plates so I'm starting from the beginning. These are from BM#01, BM#02 & BM#03.

Monday, September 12, 2011

OPI 'My Private Jet'

OK, I know this has been out a long time and a ton of people have already swatched and blogged it already but I just got it last week so it's new to me :) It's not the original holographic version but seeing as I will never have that one I love this one for what it is, and forget about what it's not. It does look like a deep brown in some lights but mostly a dark smoky grey with micro flecks of glitter and yes some of those flecks are holographic if you look closely enough.

These first two pictures were taken indoors no flash. You can see all the 'bits' floating around in it but it applys totally smooth and lovely.

Here it is outdoors. Our grass is really showing the 100 year drought down here in Texas :(

Here is a close up and you can just barely see the holo flecks. My accent finger was done with Pure Ice 'Risk Taker' which I bought just to complemet the hue of MPJ.

Then I topped 'Risk Taker' with a very very thin coat of Color Club 'Magic Attraction'. I just love this combo and will be wearing it exactly like this again I'm sure :)

What do y'all thing of this? Do you have MPJ? What version of it do you have?