Thursday, September 15, 2011

Playing w/ Stamps on MPJ

Well it was hard to do but I finally took off OPI 'My Private Jet' but before I did I tried a bit of stamping on it :D. I wouldn't usually even think of covering up such a pretty polish but since it was coming off anyway I thought I would take the opportunity to play with my stamps on my real nails instead of my 'dummy tips'.

The only color I could think of that would go well with MPJ is silver. I was originally thinking I would try gold but once I got the gold next to it it just didn't seem to go. I used Pure Ice 'Silver Mercedes' for the first time for the stamping polish. Till now I have been using SH Insta-Dri 'Silver Sweep' exclusively for my silver stamping. I read other bloggers have had success with Silver Mercedes and though it was worth a try (especially at less than half the price). I'm very happy with it. I liked the smaller brush size for the smaller images and there is less waste. Combine that with the $$ saving and 'Houston, we have a winner'! I am trying to use and test all my Bundle Monster plates so I'm starting from the beginning. These are from BM#01, BM#02 & BM#03.


  1. I really really love this! So awesome!

  2. Thanks Fingers :) I'm going to try to go through all my plates by the end of the year hopefully. Probably 3 at a time like this, but I may have to 'steal' a few of your pattern ideas :). Don't worry though I will make sure to give your blog a shout out!

  3. Thanks so much! I like my ring fingers the best. I think I'm turning into a holo head and a glitter junkie lol