Friday, September 30, 2011

Stamping on Gagalectric

Ooops, forget to post the pics of my staming designs on Gagalectric :D
This first one is with Konad plate m72 using Konad special white and topped with a white french tip (albeit a quite thick and messy one lol). I haven't done a french mani in a long time and I should have thinned it down before application, appologies if it hurts you eyes LOL. But look at that adorable, sparkly ladybug :D

This one was done with Konad plate m78 using Konad special white. This is my first attempt with this plate and the stamping is a little off but I really love the look of it so I will practice with it more in the near future. I just got these two plates in a set of 25 off Amazon. They aren't real Konads but the design is identicle on most plates. I can share the link to these if any of you are interested, just let me know.

And look, I sparkly ladybug has a pearly white friend :) I'm digging the bugs :D

Close ups

Sorry about the shadows, I should have checked my images before I removed my polish. Kind of in a hurry though. On and I forgot to mention that I added a Sally's pinkish glitter topper to my thumb and ring fingers on both hands.


  1. I have done both of these stamps!! The love u one is part of my banner!! I love a classic french-very nice

  2. I know you do girl! You're the queen of the funky french! I love the 'love u' stamp too but I think yours came out better. I got the idea from you so if you want to put a link up here to it I'm totally fine with that :D

  3. This turned out great!

  4. These look faaabulous little girl, and I love your little silver and pearl friends. Me

  5. @Nailventurous- Thanks! I think I have more fun playing with the stamps just before I take my polish off than when I do the original mani lol.

    @Grace- Thanks momma :) Have you had a chance to wear your big rings yet?

  6. No, I'm waiting for Halloween. They just don't work for bowling? Love, Mom