Friday, December 23, 2011

Shimmer Snowflakes

I like how these came out. I have been wanting to use my OPI DS 'Coronation' for a few months now and finally! This is two thin coats then tipped with Pure Ice 'Splash' and then I topped that with a Santee polish that's a turquoise jelly glitter. To embellish further I stamped using Konad white with Bundle Monster plate BM-14 and a turquoise gem.


Hopefully we will get a little bit of snow on Christmas.

The weatherman said we should but we will see.


Added a few silver snowflakes and a little more glitter to my 'Saved by the Blue' mani.

I stamped with Pure Ice 'Mercedes' and Konad plate m-20 I was in a hurry to start my son's birthday party when I did the stamping so they are not perfectly lined up, not that they would be if I had time LOL but they may be a little closer.

Adding a second coat of the glitter polish was a mistake as it make it too thick and clumpy. It started peeling off the next day but I was fine with it since I had already worn the blue and silver for 4 days before this.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wet n Wild 'Saved by the Blue'

Wet n wild 'Saved by the Blue'

I just love, love, love this blue! It went on smooth and I added kind of a no name (Queen's Color 'All Star') polish which is a clear base with fine silver glitter. The glitter was more pronounced in person than the photos and definitely felt a little 'chilly'.

Kleancolor 'Bite Me' with stamping

Kleancolor 'Bite Me' is a beautiful deep glitter infused polish that I just loved! I think this may be my favorite red to date. Then stamped with Konad white and a little

These pictures are a bit rough. I only took them to show my mom and I had it on for a few days already so there is substantial tip wear and a missing rhinestone  lol;} I thought I would share the idea anyways. My ring finger stamp was faded by my Orly 'In a Snap' and for some reason the red kept bleeding through the white stamping and causing pink areas. Kinda strange, I've never had this happen before. I should also mention that this red is a nail stainer!!! It took a while to get it off but it was so pretty it was still worth it. Next time I will surely use a base coat on this one.

Missing rhinestones ;)

See how the red is bleeding through the sleigh turning it pink? Oh well, live and learn. I will not be stamping with white over 'Bite Me' again. Oh and did I mention that I applied a top coat before the stamping? And it still bled through!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mummies and Zombies Mani

Mummies and Zombies!!! Mmmmwaaaahahahhahaha!

I've had this on for the past few days waiting for the sun to come out so excuse the tip wear.
There may also be lingering bits and strings of hot glue too :D

I really love how these came out! My Hubby rated them a 10!
That's a first, he usually rates them around a 6.5-8.5 so a 10 is saying a lot.

On my left hand I did the girl zombie with girly bits and on my right hand I did the boy zombie with boy stuff.

This is my favorite for the girl side :D

Here's the boy side.

I had a a tough time with the index finger. For some reason I couldn't get a good stamp on the flames
at the bottom and the chains on the middle finger weren't as bold as I would have liked.
All in all I still love it though.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cute Tissue Boxes

Here's my Frankenstien's monster tissue box. He took a little while because, as usual, I didn't have a pattern. Hubby just loves his bolts :)

Does this look familiar? lol I had been wanting to do the striped skittle mani since September so I had it on the brain. Go figure it looks cute on a tissue box too :)

Each side is a different color and my mom and I added some Halloween foam stickers to embellish :0)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Projects

Here's some of what has kept my so busy. I made the headstones from styrofoam, my hubby and I made the coffin and then we added some peat moss to make the grave look 'FRESH' lol.

We also have faom weapons hanging from our tree ;D

Here's the coffin before we added the cross.
Next year I think we will add a corpse and maybe rig it to open up. 

I needed 30 buttons for my hubby and my son's Jack Sparrow costumes and couldn't find any that would work so I cut slices from a 1" wood dowel, sanded, painted and antiqued them. I'm pretty happy with them and they cost nearly nothing!

I had the same issues trying to find really long belts with big buckles
so I cut this from the top of a plastic shoe box top, added a couple layers of hot glue for depth and texture,
then painted with black and antique gold :)

I just love Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Candy Corn Mani

I have been loving all the awesome Halloween designs coming out and have seen many versions of the candy corn mani so here's mine :D

I used SH White On, Kleancolor Boogie Nights and Santee Bright Yellow. This is before topcoat.

This is with one thick coat of SV

Then I added some orange glitter from Color Zone

Here's my right hand with a pumpkin stamp. I didn't think I could make a very good Jack-O-Lantern with my left hand :)

Stamping on Halloween Stripes

Finally!!! lol
I've finally found some time to post these, I can't believe it! I have been crazy busy with Halloween stuff around the house and sewing costumes.

These were all stamped with Bundle Monster plates and I will update this post later to tell plate numbers. If you need them sooner just add it in a comment.

And now for my favorite....CORALINE!!!
I just love her (almost as much as Jack Skellington)!
If you haven't seen the movie then you should. In my opinion it was a cult classic as soon as it hit the screen. I just love that kind of animation.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Stripes Mani

My new spider ring :D

This is my opposite hand and I think it came out pretty good considering. I'm getting a bit more steady with the nail art polishes but I still need a lot more practice. I think one of the main tips is to kind of lay down the brush on your nail and then just pull it back rather than trying to pain stright lines on a curved nail. I think too that you should just take a breath, relax and to look at the whole nail and don't focus on the stripe your painting. These are far from perfect but I still think they give the halloween feel and I'm happy with them :)

These remind me of Beetlejuice for some reason lol

Thumb- Kleancolor 'Boogie Nights'
Index- Wet n Wild 'Sage in the City'
Middle- Icing 'Hot Pants'
Ring- Sally's Deep Red (mini bottle)
Pinkie- Icing 'Fiona'

I will be adding some stamping to these and posting it tomorrow.

What are your favorite halloween nail designs?

Feel free to share a link to other Halloween nail designs in the comments.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Haloween Nails Deep Purple and Green

These look blue but they really are a deep shimmery purple :) I used Wet n Wild 'Buffy the Violet Slayer' topped with a deep purple glitter jelly base and on my ring finger is Wet n Wild 'Sage in the City' topped with a no-name green glitter with large hex pieces in it.

I wish I would have checked my pictures before taking this off because you can barely see the stamping ;( The thumb came out well with the skull and crossbones from BM #225 and on my under finger there is a tombstone and a bat flying above BM #213 & BM #13. My middle finger has my zombie boy (sporting a mow hawk lol) and he's handing a rose to the zombie girl :) Konad plate M-13. Above them I added a spider BM #13. Just glitter on my ring finger and on my pinkie I added the swirlies just cause they have a Halloween feel to them with BM #224.

This mani was much prettier in person and felt very Halloween with the purple and green but as shown (looking blue and green) it just kinda seems odd lol, I don't know why. Hope y'all like it anyway. Tomorrow I will have another Halloween skittle mani :D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Skittle Mani with Stamping

I know, all these shots kind of look the same but every tine I thought I had a good angle of one nail then it blocked the stamping of another lol. Call me crazy (most who know me do) but I decided to just throw them all out there.