Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Candy Corn Mani

I have been loving all the awesome Halloween designs coming out and have seen many versions of the candy corn mani so here's mine :D

I used SH White On, Kleancolor Boogie Nights and Santee Bright Yellow. This is before topcoat.

This is with one thick coat of SV

Then I added some orange glitter from Color Zone

Here's my right hand with a pumpkin stamp. I didn't think I could make a very good Jack-O-Lantern with my left hand :)


  1. #1 fav Halloween mani, this is simple cute and so very neat!

  2. I am really loving this! Love the sparkle on the orange stripe!This is cool!

  3. @Elizedge- Wow, thanks so much! I really loved wearing this one!

    @PeaceLoveandPolish- thanks girlie! Lots of gals commented at the checkout stands on this one. It's nice to have others appreciate your joy/crazy obsessions. :D

    @Fingers- Hey, Thanks! I agree, the little bit-o-glitter really added to this. That's why I showed the pic progression, it totally made this mani. I'm starting to dig the glitter more and more lately. :)