Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Stripes Mani

My new spider ring :D

This is my opposite hand and I think it came out pretty good considering. I'm getting a bit more steady with the nail art polishes but I still need a lot more practice. I think one of the main tips is to kind of lay down the brush on your nail and then just pull it back rather than trying to pain stright lines on a curved nail. I think too that you should just take a breath, relax and to look at the whole nail and don't focus on the stripe your painting. These are far from perfect but I still think they give the halloween feel and I'm happy with them :)

These remind me of Beetlejuice for some reason lol

Thumb- Kleancolor 'Boogie Nights'
Index- Wet n Wild 'Sage in the City'
Middle- Icing 'Hot Pants'
Ring- Sally's Deep Red (mini bottle)
Pinkie- Icing 'Fiona'

I will be adding some stamping to these and posting it tomorrow.

What are your favorite halloween nail designs?

Feel free to share a link to other Halloween nail designs in the comments.


  1. This looks so cool!

  2. These are really awesome! Love the vertical stripes!

  3. Thanks Fingers!

    Thanks Sandra, I went and peeked at some of your spooky nails-cute!

    @Nailventurous- Thanks so much! These are my favorites so far too.