Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Projects

Here's some of what has kept my so busy. I made the headstones from styrofoam, my hubby and I made the coffin and then we added some peat moss to make the grave look 'FRESH' lol.

We also have faom weapons hanging from our tree ;D

Here's the coffin before we added the cross.
Next year I think we will add a corpse and maybe rig it to open up. 

I needed 30 buttons for my hubby and my son's Jack Sparrow costumes and couldn't find any that would work so I cut slices from a 1" wood dowel, sanded, painted and antiqued them. I'm pretty happy with them and they cost nearly nothing!

I had the same issues trying to find really long belts with big buckles
so I cut this from the top of a plastic shoe box top, added a couple layers of hot glue for depth and texture,
then painted with black and antique gold :)

I just love Halloween!


  1. Wow, the yard looked fantastic, love everything you did. Your nails are amaaaazzzzziiiinnnngggg!!!!!

  2. Thanks Rain!!!! You know how much I LOVE Halloween! It just gets bigger and better every year I think :D