Twinkle Toes (AKA Pedicures)

Snooo-ooo-oooo-py! :D My first atempt at comic strip nails. Sure they are a little messy but I did say 1st! I think the colors came out great. If only I knew then how important it is to clean up your cuticles before you bust out the camera lol. Some times I still do that come to think of it ;)


Here is my very first stampinng attempt with my new Bundle Monster plates :) The base is Sally Hansen 'Deep Purple' and stamped with SH Insta-Dri 'Silver Sweep'


OK these were REALLY long ago :/ so I didn't know how to get a halfway decent picture. They really were cute though. I dotted on pastel pink dots with the wrong side of a paintbrush on top of a simple black base. I never knew how much I liked polka dots till I did this pedi.

My mom calls these the Jane Mansfield pedicure :)
I painted the base a little more than half with white and the remaining black. Stamped the black floral pattern on and then used a Kiss silver (fine glitter) striper to define the edges. I just loved these and I hated to take it off after like two weeks.

Glitter-ific toes coming up next