Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Color Club Revvvolution

I took these pics months ago and never posted but since I'm wearing it again right now I thought maybe I should just post this draft lol.

First off, I am a huge fan of Color Club polish. They have so many great colors and apply easily, not to mention they are so completely affordable!!

Revvvolution is by far, in my opinion, the shining star for Color Club! But I also have to mention how much I LOVE  Worth The Risque and Fashion Addict as well. YES, I'm a total holo-head! I can't resist a holographic polish and this one is EPIC! It should go down in the 'must have polishes that every addict should own' book :D 

The pics came out nice BUT do not even come close to doing this polish justice!

So totally yummy!

Do you have this one? Do you love it the way I do?