Saturday, June 9, 2012

Week 19 - Floral design nails

Here I am still trying to play catch up :D

Here was what I did for my Week 19 Floral Nail challenge.

I used my Bundle Monster plates and Konad Special white on top of a pink layering of NYX pink hex glitter topped with Kleancolor's 'Holo Pink'

Here it is in indoor lighting with a bottle shot of the NYX

And here in natural sunlight. I couldn't get a picture to really show off this combo but it was VERY pretty, and super sparkly with a ton of holo goodness. Yummy glitter!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cartoon nails part 2

Here is my second version of cartoon nails for the challenge.

This time I went for the classic DC Comic look with 'POW', 'ZAP', 'BAM' and 'ZOOM' :D These were crazy fun to do. They didn't come out as well as I had pictured in my head but I think they're still a pass.

`I started with a base of Pure Ice 'Celestial' . The design was made using WnW 'Black Cream', SH 'White On', Galaxy markers in red and blue to write the words and finished with a thick coat of Seche Vite.

I did my right hand first using homemade nail art decals because I thought I wouldn't be able to pull it off free handing it. Unfortunately, I had a terrible time trying to get them to lay down straight. I'm not sure if I got the base coat too thick or they were just too big for the curve of my nails but I couldn't hide the edges even with two coats of SV on top. I think my left hand (that I free handed) came out better because even though the lettering was better on my right, at least it didn't have the edges showing and it wasn't as tough to do as I thought it would be after all.

Week 18 - Cartoon nails

Here is my failed (kind of) attempt at my week 18 cartoon mani challenge.

I started with Piggy Polish '6 Impossible Things'

This was my first Piggy Polish and I must say that I'm a bit disappointed ;/

It went on kind of thick but still needed two good coats for decent coverage. It also looked like  a beautiful pearly white in the bottle but didn't show up on the nail :P Oh well, lesson learned. I still prefer my Sally Hansen 'White On' for a white base and Orly's 'Au Champagne' for a wearable white.

I chose BC Comics for my images. This little dinosaur came out OK but many of the others didn't. I have had some pretty good results with the newspaper nail technique in the past but I think this time I may have pressed the image on for too long and it caused some fading and distortions.

The pinkie nail shows the worst of it but you still can make out the caveman chasing the dinosaur with his club :D and a little word bubble.

I also want to thank those of you who still peek in on my blog for hanging in there in my absence. Life has been a bit hectic and I haven't had the time to post . I have, however, continued to do all the challenges (even if it is a week later ) so I have a bbacklog of posts to get up. I will be sscheduling a post at least one every three days till I'm caught up. Again, thanks so much for hanging in there because I really miss the nail blogging world!