Thursday, October 20, 2011

Haloween Nails Deep Purple and Green

These look blue but they really are a deep shimmery purple :) I used Wet n Wild 'Buffy the Violet Slayer' topped with a deep purple glitter jelly base and on my ring finger is Wet n Wild 'Sage in the City' topped with a no-name green glitter with large hex pieces in it.

I wish I would have checked my pictures before taking this off because you can barely see the stamping ;( The thumb came out well with the skull and crossbones from BM #225 and on my under finger there is a tombstone and a bat flying above BM #213 & BM #13. My middle finger has my zombie boy (sporting a mow hawk lol) and he's handing a rose to the zombie girl :) Konad plate M-13. Above them I added a spider BM #13. Just glitter on my ring finger and on my pinkie I added the swirlies just cause they have a Halloween feel to them with BM #224.

This mani was much prettier in person and felt very Halloween with the purple and green but as shown (looking blue and green) it just kinda seems odd lol, I don't know why. Hope y'all like it anyway. Tomorrow I will have another Halloween skittle mani :D


  1. From what I can see-this looks really awesome! AM so loving the zombie! I don't have that stamp!

  2. I know you can barely make them out :( I will be doing another zombie mani before Halloween and I will make sure I get a good shot. It's a Konad plate that I picked up at the mall, I just HAD to have those zombies! When I do the zombie mani I will add a pic of the image plate too :)

  3. this looks pretty! and I'm a big ring fanatic so on that note.. I love your ring!

  4. Thank you! I have just recently started collecting them and I'm already hoplessly addicted :D I try to show a new one with every mani if I can. Right now I have about 25 of them and I'm always on the lookout for more. Take a peek at the spider ring on my latest post :0) It's not very practicle but it is an eyecatcher and a ton-o-fun! Thanks for joinging I just saw your site and am now following you too.