Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cute Tissue Boxes

Here's my Frankenstien's monster tissue box. He took a little while because, as usual, I didn't have a pattern. Hubby just loves his bolts :)

Does this look familiar? lol I had been wanting to do the striped skittle mani since September so I had it on the brain. Go figure it looks cute on a tissue box too :)

Each side is a different color and my mom and I added some Halloween foam stickers to embellish :0)


  1. you're so fun to be around. all your fun projects are just wonderful. Wish I was there. Love, Mom

  2. @Beautyshades- thanks, I really love all the colors. They were fun to make and my son and family enjoyed them all month long :)

    @Grace- thanks Momma! So glad you and Nanny came down for a visit even if it was a quick one :) Now we can start coming up with Turkey Day crafts :D