Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Skittle Mani with Stamping

I know, all these shots kind of look the same but every tine I thought I had a good angle of one nail then it blocked the stamping of another lol. Call me crazy (most who know me do) but I decided to just throw them all out there.


  1. I love all your colorful colors on your beautiful nails and David is right, I like the stamping too. Love, Mom

  2. I am loving this mani! Your stamping is awesome!

  3. @Nailventurous- thanks! I love them too :D I think I love them most because it's like a sample platter and you don't have to pick just one LOL. I have one more that I'm wearing now and I will be posting tomorrow too.

    @Grace- thanks Momma, yeah, he likes the stamps. He makes it seem like I'm being lazy if I don't add the stamping! Lol

    @Fingers- Thanks!! I got a bit of attention wearing these around town. Most of the gals liked the orange with the glitter and pumpkin the best.