Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wet n Wild 'Disturbia'

Hello ladies!
Sorry for not posting as much lately. Sometimes life doesn't allow for much fun :).

This is Wet n Wild's 'Disturbia' from their Megalast line. I found it at Albertsons of all places and picked it up for only $1.25 on sale. It was the only color in the line that I liked. The rest were too 'predictable' with varying hues of pink, rouge and neutrals.

This is a dark eggplant color with a subtle shimmer if you look closely enough. It is darker on than in the bottle and seems nearly black from a distance. It's a pretty color but I think a bit too dark to show the subtle shimmer. This is two fairly heavy coats and applied like a jelly. You can see in the bottom pic that one heavy coat is not nearly enough. I should have used three but I thought it may look even darker if I did. I also don't have much experience with jellies so I had a terrible time trying to clean up my cuticles. I took these pictures about 12 house after application and you can already see tip wear even with a SV topcoat.

Some other things to mention are the small bottle (.3 oz) and the short wide brush. I think they were trying to copy Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri brush but ultimately failed do to it being too short and the bristles not being even at all. All in all I'm a little dissapointed. I realize this is a lower end polish but i have been satisfied with my other WnW products for the most part. I mean I dont hate it enough to throw it away but I don't think I will be buying and more of this line in the future.


  1. Nice shade, I often find purples come out darker on the nail than in the bottle.
    On a seperate point, you and I have very similar blog names!

  2. @ PLP- thanks girlie! I wish it wasn't such a stinker to clean up ;) maybe I just need to get more practice :)

    @NailsandNonsense- yes I found that out after I started my blog! ;/ I have been wanting to change it ever since just to avoid any confusion or awkwardness. I tried to change it before but messed everything up LOL. I'm just too new to all this still I guess. I'm still working on a new name, any suggestion :D ???

  3. It looks like a good purple! Good price too!

  4. I'm a sucker for a good deal ;) I think it's pretty too, maybe I'll give it another go once I've had more practice with jellies :)