Monday, September 26, 2011

Essence 'Gagalectric'


Well as you can see this is FAR from holographic. Although it is a pretty duo chrome :)
In the bottle it looks purple with blue hues but on you nails looks mostly pink with blue hues and a pearly purple glimmer. This is three coats and you can still see the whites of my nails slightly. Application was easy and even though it's not holographic (which I could tell in the store) I still like it and will wear it again.

These last two are outside and give a much better feel for its true color.

And here's another bold ring to match :) I'm just loving these silly things. Life's too short to be boring and predictable!

What do you guys think? Have you bought any of the

I also picked up the dark blue one at Ulta so I will be wearing that next week.


  1. I'm looking forward to the dark blue one! This looks nice on you though!

  2. I have never seen these anywhere! Thanks for the post, I'll be on the lookout!

  3. @Fingers- me too! I adore blues and I'm more of a darker polish fan than light like you, and thanks too:)

    @Peace- I've never heard of them either. I spotted them at Ulta and picked up two of the 4 bottles left in the display :) I must say that I'm not crazy about the name though, the @ and .com aren't witty at all to me and they aren't holographic so someone who doesn't know the difference between a holo and a duo chrome could feel a little duped, you know?