Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Italian Inspired Mani

My step father (full blood Italian) had to go in for surgery the day I did this mani and even though he could really care less about my polish my mom and I thought it would be nice anyway. BTW, the surgery went OK :)

My mom and I were joking about what to do for the theme and she suggested meatballs with spaghetti and I said pizza LOl. Well, seeing as I'm not very good at the detailed art yet, I decided to go with the Italian flag and it's colors. The red white and green started to look a little Christmas-y though :D

I used a cheep-o red from a dollar store in the mall called Magicolor #14 which is a deep shimmering red (although just looks like a med red in the pictures) along with Wet n Wild 'Caribbean Frost' for the green, and LA Colors 'Pearl' as the white base. The Pearl was very, very sheer so plan on using a base, I just used a white. Then topped it off with some LA Colors glitter striping polishes. I'm now officially NOT a fan of these :p their regular striping polishes leave a lot to be desired but the ones with glitter are just a gel-ly mess! They go on far too thick and just don't look straight and crisp. I much prefer the Kiss striping polishes. What I really need to do is order my nail striping brushes and just use regular polish! It's been on my to do list for a month or so now lol.

Anyways, there's my Italian nail designs. Hope you like :)


  1. Thanks! I wasn't really sure what to do ;) I ended up changing it a bit so I will post those pics too tomorrow.

  2. Such a great manicure! Love the pointer finger.