Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pink Awareness Mani with Bling!

Again, on this mani I used SH X-treme Wear  'Bubblegum Pink', Wet n Wild Fast Dry 'How I Met Your Magenta', Wet n Wild Flirt 'Femme Fatal' and Flirt 'Never Been Kissed' for the white. Then I embellished with some Bundle Monster Bling using pink hearts and stars as well as silver rhinestones. Annnnd a pretty pink pettled flower :D

I liked the thumb and pinky the best, the others either had too much or too littl (or just bad placement). This is my first time with these AND it was done on my right had-----bad combo lol. Forgive.

Shimmer, Glimmer :D

I normally would never wear this much bling but for a Breast Cancer Awareness Run.....You BETCHA!

BIG, BOLD and IN YOUR FACE!!! hehehe

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