Monday, September 12, 2011

OPI 'My Private Jet'

OK, I know this has been out a long time and a ton of people have already swatched and blogged it already but I just got it last week so it's new to me :) It's not the original holographic version but seeing as I will never have that one I love this one for what it is, and forget about what it's not. It does look like a deep brown in some lights but mostly a dark smoky grey with micro flecks of glitter and yes some of those flecks are holographic if you look closely enough.

These first two pictures were taken indoors no flash. You can see all the 'bits' floating around in it but it applys totally smooth and lovely.

Here it is outdoors. Our grass is really showing the 100 year drought down here in Texas :(

Here is a close up and you can just barely see the holo flecks. My accent finger was done with Pure Ice 'Risk Taker' which I bought just to complemet the hue of MPJ.

Then I topped 'Risk Taker' with a very very thin coat of Color Club 'Magic Attraction'. I just love this combo and will be wearing it exactly like this again I'm sure :)

What do y'all thing of this? Do you have MPJ? What version of it do you have?


  1. I just love this polish!

  2. I have this one and now because of you I want to wear it! :) Great swatch!

  3. @venturous- I love it too, thanks. Do you have it yet?

  4. @nail designs- :D I'm hoping that's a good thing lol. Its surely the right season for it now, you should blog it too.

  5. I really need to get this polish! Seen it on so many blogs and its just awesome