Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tiger and Zebra Stipes By Hand & Stamp

So I chickened-out yesterday when I did my stripes and did them by hand with the stiper (nail art) brush. I'm just not very confident yet with joining stamps yet. I mean, I just got 'em and I have a lot of learning to do!! But I love a challenge so here goes....:D

The first two pics show hand striping vs stamping with Bundle Monster plate #223. The nail on the right side is the size of a standard 'pinkie' nail wile the middle is the size of a stadard to large 'middle' fingernail. The stamp easily covered the pinkie but needed some fill-ins with the middle one. Although they don't line up perfectly....I think for a beginner they are acceptable. I may become more particular as I graduate from novice to experienced with using the stamping plates but for now ....I'm good with it :D

Joining the stamps :S Well these nails are huge! they are the largest size in the box and far larger than my own thumbnails (and yours too probably). But I thought it would be a grea size to practice matching stamped images on. On the left I tried to stamp on the bottom half and then againn on the top-not so great. And on the right I stamped the Left side and then the right side with the 'seam' down the middle. I also had to add on to little areas as well that I missed with the first stampings. i think the seond one married up much better. What do you think?

Here's an idea if you want something different or just aren't ready to match up patterns yet. you can just angle and stamp part of your nail and then embellish with some pin striping or maybe even another complimentary stamp. Happy Stamping Everyone!!!!!

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