Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just A Note....

I wanted to thank you lovely ladies for following my blog! I just love creating new designs and I REALLY love to share them with you! It's been two weeks now and I think we're off to a great start and I'm excited to hear your thoughts and opinions. I would absolutely LOVE to take requests! If you have any ideas please feel free to share them with all of us!

I have pretty much just been playing/experimenting and posting a ton of pictures with little to no description. I am going to go back through my previous postings over the next couple days and add some needed information to go with all those pictures :D Sooooo.... Please take a moment in the coming week or so to brief over some of my old posts to see 'what's new' :)

I personally love to see websites with lots if pictures vs lots of text and only a few pictures. I started wondering though if maybe I am over-doing it a bit and slowing down your computers!?! Please feel free to drop in your two cents on the matter.

Also wanted to mending that I got some new GOODIES in the mail that I can't wait to share with you all!!!! Be on the lookout Monday afternoon!!!

Thanks again for Following my blog, it really makes it worth it to me that you all like what you are seeing!!!



  1. Nah, personally I love to see all the pics and just a short description! I really appreciate your 'tests' - it's made my choosing which polishes to buy a lot easier! Here's a couple websites I've been buying from, thought you might be interested :)

    Both sell certain polishes fairly inexpensivly, which when you buy as much as we do, can be really handy!

  2. PS - if you do check cherry culture out, do a seach under the brands not just under 'nails'. There are a lot more than show up under the nails section!

  3. Thank you for the input! And I agree, pictures are so much more interesting. I will still be adding the brands and colors to all descriptions as well as plate #s and any embellishments but won't feel presure to gab! Not that I'm not a natural 'gabber', just ask my friends and mom :p

    I'm always up for saving $$ WooHoo! I will be checking those out next week for sure. Thanks for the tip.

    And since you like my color 'tests' I'll let it slip that I'm working on more of them for my next posting ;) I will be comparing all my pinks and reds on multiple base colors. I have quite a few pinks so there should be over 10 color tests on white, black, silver, gold, grey, blue, purple, nude and maybe a couple others :D I've already done some testing but need to find out which and how to show the samples and results. My idea is to go through and record what works with what for future reference. OK so now this comment is a new post hahaha!

    Thank you for your comments and helpful hints!

  4. Yes, but you are the most interesting and delightful "gabber" that I know. Keep up the good work my little glass of champagne. I can't wait to see what you come up with this pm, Love Mom