Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Silver Works Best???

Now for the silvers: on the top section I put Sally Hansen Insta-Dri #230 Silver Sweep and on the bottom I have Sally Hansen #220 Celeb City

Quite a difference don't you think? In all fairness this photo was a little bias to the Insta-Dri and I should also mention that I am comparing a metalic to a glitter based polish. All that said, I think the Insta-Dri is totally worth the extra $.

So here we have the Sally Hansen #220 Celeb City and on the bottom L.A. Colors. Not a gigantic difference. I think if the $1-$2 extra would be easier on your budget then go ahead and get the L.A. Colors from Dollar Tree! I think it would also be a great back up silver or something to use for experimenting and testing - guilt free :D

You will have to forgive my sloppy stamping, I had a lot to do ANNNNDDDD I'm brand new at this :D I think you should look at the best parts of the stamps rather than the worst, kinda like- to see what the polish CAN look like :D

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