Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Golds

I just got this gold a couple days ago and WOW-ie! does it have some BLING! It's very eye catching. Every time I look at it I think 'Goldfinger' LOL! Punny HeHeHe Anyways it is Revlon metalic #925 'Gold Coin'. I have used it for stamping but the only color it looked good on was black and on my Coco a-go-go even then it was kind of subtle. It may also work OK on other really deep base coats. Also note that if you use this for stamping it leaves behind some glitter on your image plate so you might have to clean it twice. Yeah, it's a bit of a stinker! I think I will mainly use it a base color. I would love to try stamping the zebra stripes on this using the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Coco a-go-go on this.

I got this one on the same day @ CVS for just $2. It's Confetti #093 'Debutante'. It looks more 'copper-y' in the picture than it really is but that is exactly why I bought it. I wanted a bright yellow gold and also a copper/antique gold as well. I think it's a great color and a great price. As far as stamping it really only worked on the black and on my Coco a-go-go just like the Revlon, a little dissapointing but not a deal breaker and not as much of a glitter-y mess :)

This is and isn't a gold, sorta, kinda, maybe :) But it was close enough to make it in with the other golds. This is Pure Ice 'Jaguar'. It needs two to three coats to look gold instead of glitzy cream but I really like it for a subtle gold. It looks great as  base when using the cheeta image plate with a dark brown or black. BTW don't even try to stamp with this one it's far too thin and light on any color.

Here are all three together to compare :)

Have any golds to reccomend? Have any of you found a good gold for stamping with?

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