Friday, August 5, 2011

New Plates part1

I ordered these from Amazon and was not sure what to expect. All it stated is that there were 10 image plates for $8.99 ($13 something with shipping though :P ). The image was just a a bunch of plates individually wrapped but overlapping so that you couldn't really see any of the images. I thought they looked a lot like the Bornpretty packaging.

I've got a bit of a image plate addiction right now and can't seem to get enough of them! lol  BTW I ordered these last Tuesday as well as the original set from Bundle Monster and 5 wheels of nail art BLING :D. I admit I got a bit carried away.....ooopps.

But I do belive that this gamble paid off because 5 of the 10 plates I received were exact dupes of Konad plates YAY! I didn't arrange them in any order because they really have no order to them lol. So.....I will just tell you which plate #'s are dupes and their counterparts of Konad. The other five were mostly florals but very useable, I'm thrilled!

Faux plates start with a B and Konad plates start with an m:

B30 = m25
B25 = m26
B33 = m37
B29 = m38
B28 = m41


  1. thats a great deal. Ive been thinking about getting image plates for the longest time now

  2. Thanks for the post Ashley! Lately I feel like I'm all alone here :( Boo Hoo, I know, but it's nice to know someone is reading these so THANKS!

    Yes it is a pretty great deal! Here is a link to what I ordered. But I wouldn't go by the images other people have posted. At least that's not what I got ;)

    I would recommend getting a small set of image plates like this to start. At Less than $14 it is the same price as two Konad plates. Be aware though that these have no backing on them so the edges are sharper than Konad and Bundle Monster. Although I have been playing with them all week and haven't even come close to cutting myself I would be careful with the younger kiddies. Best of luck and let me know how it all goes!