Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm a little worried

Ever since my mix up with the name change a couple days ago I've been worried that I lost some people :(

If y'all wouldn't mind could you please reply "I'm still here" or something like that so I can stop wondering? Wether your a member or not I would really love to know who's out there and still interested.



  1. I'm still checkin' things out :) (Janet) I have no idea how to get my name to show up when I post.

  2. Thanks so much Janet! I will try to find out more about how to make logging in easier. Do you have a Google ID? I think that makes it easier. I have seen some sites that let you post using your email to log in though so I will check that out. For now just feel free to 'sign' your name at the end of your post.

  3. I'm still here!

    P.S. Same problem with me. Google account doesn't work. :/

  4. Thanks Line :) I thought I might get more than two responses so that's a bit of a disappointment, but oh well. Glad to know I didn't loose you.

  5. YEA! Thanks for still peeking in :)