Monday, August 8, 2011

My Friends mani

My friend came over last week and we had a polish-fest while the boys played :) Belive it or not this is the first time I have ever painted someone else's nails! I know!! When I was little i really don't remeber but a few times ever having my nails painted. I also had two sisters and they didn't really ever paint theirs either. It seem so incredibly strange to me now lol. But you will have to forgive my lack of experience in painting her nails, I totally felt like a fish out of water :) You know before she got there I was thinking to myself that it would be so much easier to paint someone else's nails because I wouldn't have to paint with my left hand so it should come out soooo much better hahahah.

Anyways, I think they came out cute and she seemed to like them OK too :) We used Confetti 'Masquerade' for the base and Revlonn 'Gold Coin' for the stamping. I'm not crazy about using this polish for stamping but for now it's the best gold I have for it. She chose multiple small stamps from both Bundle Monster sets 1 & 2.

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