Thursday, August 4, 2011

'Pacific Blue'

This is Sally Hansen 'Pacific Blue'. Can you believe this is one coat?!?! AAAAAMazing! Plus a top coat for some shine. I can't wait to test this for stamping on other colors. It is so opaque that I can't imagine it testing at least decent.

Boy OH Boy could we use some cool blue waters down here in Texas right now!! It was 108 today and again breaking records! We have gone 33 days in a row here in temps 100+ UUUGH. Hello Air Conditioner! We have some local areas loosing power due to blown tranformers because of the increase of power usage, I hope we're not next! I told Hubby that if we loose power, we're going on vacation! lol maybe somewhere like San Francisco (they were at 60 degrees during this evenings news!). Although I lived in SF for a year and.....well......I don't anymore :D by choice :P. 

Y'all stay cool!

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