Friday, August 5, 2011

BeDazzler Stand and other storage

After I sorted (for about an hour lol) the stray beads I was determined that I wasn't doing it twice! :P So.....I got a little creative and made this stand to store them. It's just a scrap piece of board painted blue with acrylic paint and then a dowl cut to size hot glued to the center. I think it works great, I can pick them up by the dowel like a handle and they slide on and off very easily, Momma's Happy :D! It's kinda cute too hugh?

Here are all my image plates (with a little room to spare Mmmmwaaahahahaha)
next to their new friend the BeDazzler stand lol.

Did I menttion that my Bundle Monster plate have a backing????
I thought all the original ones didn't and had crazy sharp edges that people always complained about.
Guess they are putting the backings on all of their plates now, SCORE!

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