Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 15 - Easter Spring Mani

Here is my Easter mani! I just love wearing it. I was out at a few stores yesterday and got a lot of compliments :D It's nice to know that more and more people are appreciating nail art and broadening their horizons past pink. red and beige.

Here's my right hand

I started with a base of Pure Ice 'Super Star', taped off a little less than half my nail and painted the rest with SH 'Bubblegum Pink', Pure Ice 'New Lilac' and Pure Ice 'Wild Thing'.

This was my first time using the white from Pure Ice. I'm not too disappointed but I still like SH 'White On' much better. Their purple was a nice frosty formula and the green is just awesome! It also works great for stamping. Notice how the green turned the white polka dots a lighter shade of green? I wish they all did that cause I LOVE it!

Then just to make them feel a little more like Easter eggs I added some stamping. This design was in large part from a design by PHD (Polish Hoarder Disorder) from a LONG time ago. I wish she still was blogging because I loved her art.

With the thumb :)

Another shot of my right hand plus thumb.

What do you guys think? Did you enjoy this challenge?

What is your favorite white base? Why?


  1. The white really makes the colors pop. Love it.

  2. this is so pretty! oh and if you want more of your dots to change colors, use a really pigmented polish and thin out your white polish. Works very well!

  3. WOW Dude-this is really awesome! I am loving this! You rock sistah!

    1. This one caught a lot of attention when I was out and about, it was crazy fun to have strangers notice them from a distance and approach me lol. That doesn't happen that often. Guess this one was loud enough to get attention from a distance :D

  4. This is so very cute, I just love the Easter colors and the white polka dots, but then you really made it special with the added trim. Just fantastic!!!