Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Rings :)

Here is most of my collection of big rings.
I wanted to post this last Monday but it just never seemed to happen ;)

I love wearing these! They are so bold and fun. I get a ton of compliments on them just about every time I'm out of the house.

I just adore these and I wear all of them, all the time. (Except the Halloween ones which are pretty much just for October.) Some of the larger black and skull ones were bought for my Husbands costume this year, Jack Sparrow :D They worked great with his costume!

These pictures aren't the best to showcase each one but I just didn't feel like taking nearly 50 individual pictures. Nor, I'm sure, did you want to scroll through 50 pics :)

These are the only three that have the stretch elastic backs on them. I'm not really of fan of these because they can be quite uncoforatable and pinch AND if you hook them up on something (almost impossible not to do given their size) then the elastic can snap and break! :P I tend to stick with the adjustables but really prefer the set sized ones.

Do you have any Big Rings? Do you like them?

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