Friday, February 3, 2012

Newspaper Mani Part 3!

Here is Ulta's 'Bam-Blue-Zled' with newspaper print on it :)

This was actually the first one I did last week for this weeks challenge but I really didn't like the color on me all that much. I did turn out nice and dark with the transfer though so I thought I would show it anyway.

Here it is with a matte finish from China Glaze Matte Magic.This is when I learned that you can't use matte finish straight on the newspaper print without major smearing- see the pinkie.
 OK, well it doesn't look awful in the pic but it sure did in person!

I only wore this for about a day and a half.

Here it is just before I took it off. I thought I would play around with it a bit before I did though :) So here it is with glossy topcoat on the tips. 

And here with Sally Hansen's 'Wet Cement' on the tips. This would have looked better if it didn't have like 5 coats on the tips already. Not to mention that my 'Wet Cement' could have used a little polish thinner.

So what do you guys think? What is your favorite newspaper mani?


  1. I love this color blue, looks nice on you!

  2. That's funny, I told my mom it kinda of made my skin look like a Zombie lol. Thanks Jackie :D I really, really wanted to like it too. Maybe I should send it to you :D

  3. Raych- Thanks! I love big rings, I have about 40 of them now and it just keeps growing. I pick them up at a local shop near by and I will see if they have anymore next time I'm in there. Maybe I'll have to start putting together a little package for you :) I'll take a pic of my rings for you and post it Monday.

  4. Ooh I love the matte finish with newspaper! gorgeous!

  5. I like this newspaper design too. Especially with the matte finish. I think it looks more realistic that way.

  6. I agree, the matte finish really gives it a paper feel. Thanks ladies!

  7. My fave is the one with the funky french of course!!!! I love it!

  8. Fingers- You know I was thinkin' of ya when I did that. You are forever in my brain- everytime I see a funky french I think 'Fingers'! :)

    Amy- Thanks, I usually like a gloss but this really begged for matte! It just fits.