Friday, February 3, 2012

Ulta 'Bam-Blue-Zled'

This is Ulta's 'Bam-Blue-Zled'. Cute name :)

Application was smooth as usual for Ulta brands but I rushed the second coat and got some bubbles :(
I didn't redo it because the color didn't really suit my skin tone well enough to wear it alone and with the newsprint it just doesn't really show up anyway.

When I picked this up I was thinking that this was going to be my new favorite blue but it just wasn't doing it for me unfortunately. I may have to pass this one on to a new home.

Pretty color though, don't you think?


  1. This is really a pretty color!

  2. Thanks, You want it? It makes my skin look like a Zombie! I love the color but it doesn't love me back! ;P