Sunday, February 5, 2012

Newspaper nails samples

Here are the 'Runners Up' for the newspaper mani challenge. When preping for the challenge I wanted to step outside of the norm with white and simple greys as a base so I thought I would, as usual, do a little testing on some sample nails :) Here's what I came up with.

From left to right they are Shades of the Season 'pink' which is a fairly bright creamy pink with great coverage, Color Club 'New Bohemian' is a creamy soft mint green which can be streaky so it needs 3 coats, Essence 'Dress for a Moment' is a very light creamy lilac, and Sally Hansen's 'Blue Me Away!' is an intense aqua blue (not color correct in the pic). As with most creams by Sally Hansen it has great coverage in one coat. It looks aqua in the bottle but once dry and compared to colors other that blue it just looks light a brigt blue with aqua tones.

The last three are Sally Hansen's 'Wet Cement' which is a light creamy grey, Finger Paints 'Military Green' is a creamy olive green which looks darker than this picture in most lighting, and finally Color Club 'Shabby Drab' which is a creamy greyish purple that I just love. Swatches of the Pink and Military green can be seen in previous posts this week :)


  1. Oh that shabby drab purple is pretty!

  2. I totally dig that one too! Do you have it? I got it in one of the Colr Club BOHO collections.