Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V-day Mani!

My Valentine's Day Mani ;D I started with Orly's 'Au Champagne' (which I have been dying to use)
and China Glaze 'City Siren' on my accent finger.

I always find white difficult to apply/wear because of the clean up. I don't know why but it seems less forgiving than other colors, maybe it's just me.

The consistency of Au Champagne was quite smooth though and went on nearly perfect with three coats. City Siren was super easy application with just two coats and worked amazingly well for stamping!
It is my new favorite red to stamp with!

The skies are blue but we got our very first snow of the season just the night before :)
It is Texas though so it's no surprise it didn't stick to the ground :(

On my right hand I decided to try something different. I figured whichever I liked best I would just put on both hands after I finished. Well, I couldn't choose and they both went well together so I'm wearing them both :)

The holographic hearts came from a bottle of Rue Beautie. I picked them out one by one with my dotting tool. I really like them! They're fun and add a bit of whimsy to the mani.

Hubby really liked this one and gave it a "solid 8.5" lol.


  1. Pretty, I have the orly au champagne...the only white i like with my skin tone!!

  2. This is really cute! What plates did you use?

  3. Your stamping is spectacular! This is really cute!! =)

  4. This is awesome! I just love that Au Champagne~!

  5. Jackie- I re4ally like it too but I never feel like I can pull of a white base lol.

    KB- Thanks so much!!!! I used the plates from the nail stamping kit that I found at Sally's for $10. It was called Salon Express and it worked just as well as my Konad, Bundle Monster and Red Angel plates. I was going to do a review on it but never got around to it ;)

    ScarsLikeLace- Thanks :D I was really loving these designs, they went on nice and crisp.

    Adina- Thank You!

    Fingers- Thanks! If only I told you I had a backup a week earlier ;) lol.