Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pink Wednesday + Newsprint :D

I never really do Pink Wednesday because I rarely wear pink but today was an exception.This is the pink from the Shades of the Seasons tube from CVS.

I was lucky enough to find a couple of these tubes mixed in with the holiday clearance items so I got them for 50% off :D That means 10 bottles for only $5! Love it. I figured that even if I didn't like all the colors that .50 a bottle was great to experiment with and maybe make a couple frankens.

The application was great on the first coat but I had some problems with dragging on the second coat so I had to put it on really thick. Luckily it's new and kind of a watery polish anyways so it still dried nearly bubble free and smooth. I like the finished result. This is with no topcoat. It has a great finish all by itself.

This is my first bottle to try in the set but I'm guessing the others will be about the same.

 I will let you know when I find out :)

I really wanted to do another comic strip newsprint mani. I have only done one before and it was almost a year ago. I chose Snoopy because......well, he's Snoopy :D Who doesn't love Snoopy. I kept humming the tune Snooo-oo-ooopy, Snooo-oo-oopy, Come Home Snoopy, Come Home lol. I chose pink as the base because 1. I've never tried it with pink and 2. I'm ready to get started with the Valentines Day manis.

The first few pictures were with Beauty Secrets topcoat from Sally's. I have the 2.5 oz bottle that cost around $5 and I've been using it for like 8 months now! I like to use this because it doesn't seem to smear any of my print or stamping. It isn't fast drying and it's a thicker topcoat and maybe that has some thing to do with it, not sure why but it works great for me when I'm worried about smudging.

Then I added some Essie 'Matte About You' to give the 'paper feel' to it.
And a little of my NXY purple glitter on my middle finger (gotta have a little glitter).

Why do you ask, did I put on a shinny topcoat first if I was going to mattify it? Well, I'll tell you. Earlier this week I added the matte finish first and it smeared the print like crazy! I can't remember if I used my China Glaze 'Matte Magic' or my Essie 'Matte About You' but it smeared bad! Lesson learned.

To be honest with you I really do like the color but it look AWFUL on me. Every time I looked down I thought of Pepto Bismol :P So I only wore this for a few hours before I couldn't stand it anymore and took it off.

What do you guys think? You like my Snoopy?


  1. That is actually AMAZING! You're so creative! ^.^

  2. I'm so glad you used comic strips! I love Snoopy!!

  3. I am not a pink fan either-but love the newsprint mani!

  4. Polished Raych- WOW! you are AMAZINGLY sweet! Thank You!!!

    Cindy-y - :D I love me some Snoopy! Gotta keep it light hearted, it's good for the soul :)

    Fingers- I'm actually you even looked at this one. Did you puke a little when you saw all the pink? HEHEHEHE Have you tried the newsprint yet?