Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Goth Plaid Design

I really enjoyed doing the plaid design and thought I'd like to try it again :)

Here is my second plaid design using Orly 'Goth' and Color Club 'Red-ical Gypsy'. You know I HAD to buy a color that had Gypsy in the name :D I think this is my new favorite red too. Two coats and it was so pretty! Then I used my striper polishes to create the plaid design.

I am sooo loving this! I have it on right now and although I am dying to try some of my other new colors, I can't seem to take it off :(

It did take a while and was a bit difficult as I'm not used to nail art but I think it was totally worth it. The gal at Ulta loved it and assumed it was a pre-printed nail design like Sally Hansen's nail strips lol.

Here are a couple shots of my right hand. Hubby saw my Left hand before I added the white and silver stripe across the top and said it was a 9 of 10. Once I showed him the finished result with topcoat he said it looked too "busy". I said "well....it's plaid" duh lol. So I did my right hand with only one stripe of white and silver to tame it down a bit. But guess what? Once I showed him the milder version he said the first one looked better!!! MEN!! Oh well, they still go together and no one has notice yet that they are different :)

I'm going to continue to do the harder designs on my right hand too so that I can improve my left handed skills. Maybe one day they might even look the same on both hands :D

So, what do you think of this one? Which plaid do you like best? Did all of you other challengers enjoy doing the plaid designs?


  1. Holy Freakin Crap!!!!!! I am dying here!!! These are so freakin awesome!!! I am serious here! I cannot come up with words to say how awesome this is! I love both plaid versions-i cannot even believe how much I am loving these-I saw this on my blogroll and dropped everything to come here and just drool all over the screen!! I have Redical Gypsy-it is a sexy red! You need to do more manis this awesome!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!

  2. I agree with Fingers - this mani is awesome!! I'm so jealous. I love everything about it - and I don't think it's too busy. it's plaid. Duh. Can't wait to see more!!

  3. Those are awesome..mine suck in comparision!

    I also tagged you in my post: http://polishednotputtogether.blogspot.com/2012/01/nail-polish-tag.html

  4. Oh men! Personally, I like the one with white and silver stripes better. I think I would have enjoyed the plaid challenge more if mine had turned out like yours, lol. I really like your design.

  5. Your post are showing up on time in my google reader!!!!! Love this manicure! It looks so great!

  6. Fingers- You so rock girl! You made my day with that compliment cause I know you're a hard sell ;) I found out about Red-ical Gypsy from YOU! And you're right it is sexy. I will do my best to put out the 'goods' lol

    Kaki- Thanks girl! I always love looking at yours too :) lol @ duh

    Shally- you are so sweet, thanks. Yours DO NOT suck, I've seen them :) thanks for the tag too, I'll be doing it Monday :)

  7. BTW - I'm not trying to be a dork by not commenting via the reply button. For some reson it just won't let me :p

    KB- Thank you! Yeah, guys :p I think the ones with two white and silver stipes looks better too, it looks more like plaid- more ballanced.

    Amy- YEAH! Finally!!! You are the nicest person EVER to help me out. Thank you, thank you, thank you : D I really like this one too- maybe one day I wont wince when I'm reading your blog and look down at my pittiful little mani LOL