Friday, January 27, 2012

Sample Swatches Plaid

I thought you may like to see the 'runners up' :D Here are a few of my sample nails that I used to test with and figure out which colors and design I liked best.

The first is a green metalic base second is a blue third is a silver and forth is a dark blue. All but the third are from the Color Club Foiled collection.

Here are my pink designs. The third fourth and fifth are from the Color Club Foiled colection.

What do you think? Do you like seeing the sample nail designs showing the creative process or not?

I only paint my nails every 2-4 days but I play with my sample nails a little each day trying out ideas.


  1. HeHeHe I know, right!?! I love to play around to find the right combos. I always show (email) them to my mom and she usually likes different ones than I do. Everyone likes things a little different so maybe these will help someone else choose someday :)

  2. I still like the colors you chose for the actual mani!