Friday, January 27, 2012

Nail Spotting @ Walmart

I just noticed for the first time that Walmart now carries Stamping Image Plates! How cute is this? They were sold out of the original kit though that sells for $6 and has the stamper, scraper and I think two image plates in it. Right next to that though they sell two additional image plates for $3.

Here is a closer image of the plates. I wanted to get better shots for all of you but I didn't want to look like a crazy person snapping pictures with my phone in Walmart lol. I think this would be a great gift or a simple cheap kit to get your feet wet with stamping. If you do get it I would recommend buying Wet n Wild 'Black Cream' and 'White Cream' as well as Pure Ice 'Silver Mercedes' while your there. They are (imo) the best of the cheap polishes to stamp with.

I also saw these :D Remember how expensive these were at Sally's just a few months ago?? I have this exact pattern I got from Sally's. The only difference is that mine are longer for longer nails and these look a little short.

Then I saw this. A midnight blue french tip paint pen with micro holographic glitter and some clear polish to apply it. This looks really cute! I almost bought it but with all the crazy hauls over the past month I'm feeling a little guilty ;/

Here's a close up.

So what do you guys think? Have you seen these? Does your Walmart have them? Would you like to see a review of some or all of this stuff or is it just plain silly?lol


  1. OMG, I bet you went "squeeeeee" when you saw those (I know I would). At Canadian Walmart... Hum? I doubt it, but you I keep my eyes open, you can be sure of that. Thanks! XXX

  2. I was totally digging on these : D but I resisted :( I think I need to learn to tell myself no every once in a while or I'm gonna get in trouble lol. I already have FAR more polish than I can possibly wear. My 'untrieds' are at least twice as big as my 'trieds'!

  3. Did you see the name of the company that does the stamping stuff? Fingrs! They stole my name!

  4. THEY TOTALLY RIPPED YOU OFF GIRL! lol You know it's funny, I did notice that exact thing when I was taking the picture lol.