Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trip to Sephora

Saw this at Sephora. This Nails Inc. kit has a teal black base with a topcoat 'special effects' full of blue and green shimmering flakies. Looks a lot like Essie's and Finger Paints products to me, just more expensive. This kit retails for $20 :P I'm not buying lol

This is a cruddy pic but my camera was freaking from the lighting in the store next to all that chrome. This is the new Kat Von D polish line. They look like neons on with a slight shimmer and they dry with a shinny finish unlike most neon that dry matte. The sales gal had a tested on on each nail and they were still pretty transparant with two coats on. I wasn't that impressed with the polish- no matter how cute the bottle is ;) These retail for $12 or $12.50 can't remeber.

Here's what I wen't in for! My precious! @ $16 it stung a little but I really can't wait three months for China Glaze! I also wanted to be have something to compare the CG to once I got it.

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