Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve Mani

Here is my New Years Eve mani I did Friday night.

I used Wet n Wild 'Black Cream' then topped it with Milani's 'GEMS' and then, of coarse, I had to add a nice thick coat of Seche Vite to tame down the texture of the glitter even though it really wasn't too bad. I love me some glitter but I have tactile issues with them sometimes and the SV tends to add a bit of depth to my mani :D

I considered using Wet  n Wild's 'Party of Five' but I really loved the density and variety of Gems. The application was very easy as well. I found holding the brush at about a 60 degrees angle made it easier to control and add just the right amount. Painting them as usual will give you a ton of glitter and they start to stack up on each other all over the place. If you want to still see your base coat afterwards.....then easy goes it with this one.

I have been staring at this all day and just love it more and more. I mean look at that bottle! They couldn't have fit one more piece of glitter in there! I think this will end up being one of my favorites. If you don't have this GET IT.

I hear it's a near dupe to Lippmann's Happy Birthday which I don't own. The only real differences I hear are that DL has smaller square glitter while all of Milani's is hexagonal. I also hear that the Milani is much more densly packed AND applies easier. Add to all that I picked it up at Walmart marked down to $2.98! I may have to go buy a backup before they raise the price back up to $5!

Here's a closeup to show those beautiful hexagons and all their glory. And this is only one very light coat of Gems.


  1. Gems also looks quite similar to OPI's Rainbow Connection...not exactly the same but still similar. Looks great over black, so effective!

  2. I am really jealous that your Walmart sells Milani! =P This is really pretty. Of all the rainbow glitters, I personally prefer Claire's Bedazzled, but I have Gems too and love it! =)

  3. @hollysagemini- It does sort of resemble Rainbow Connection which was on my want list but now that I have this I might only buy that if I find it on a good sale :) I really like it on black too it really lets the colors of the glitter come to life. Thanks!

    @ScarsLikeLace- yeah, I think all our Walmarts (4 within 5 miles or so) carry Milani. I just love that they dropped the price too!! I will be buying more Milani in the near future for sure. I don't have any Claire's but have seen it in google images and it too is a dupe for DL's Happy Birthday and maybe a little closer to it due to the fine glitter pieces in it. I don't think I will be getting the others because I don't have room to be buying dupes of anything :D I get in trouble with hubby enough already from my collection/addiction lol.

  4. @Peace, Love and Polish- Thanks, I was going for simple with just a little bling :) I'm loving Gems! I will be using it again for sure.

  5. I want that glitter polish so baddly now!