Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nails Inc Magnetic Polish- trafalgar square

I have been wanting to try magnetic polish for a while now. I finally found it at Sephora last week. I used one medium-light coat as a base, let that dry and a medium coat on each nail just before using the magnet. This is my first attempt on all except the middle finger on my left hand which I got a little too close to the magnet ;D and had to redo. This polish went on beautifully and was everything I hoped it would be. I did start to chip a little here and there on day 3 though. I may try 2 coats of SV next time.

On my right hand I turned the magnet 180 degrees on every other nail to change the pattern. I think it kind of look like a wave when you put them all together but you can't really see this in the photos. As the light hits it the refliction shifts making it look almost like it's moving. I couldn't stop looking at it :D Kind of mezmering!

And here are a couple pictures indoors:

So what do you think? Do you have this one? Are you going to get it? Are you looking forward to the China Glaze Magnitix? Do you think magnetic polish is the new crackle? Do you think it's popularity will last thru the year? longer?


  1. I have not tried these yet, they look really neat!! I have tagged you on my blog!!

  2. thanks Jackie, you should give 'me a whirl. I was just at Ulta today and saw that they now have Layla magnetic polish in stock! They had a ton of colors and a split top magnet on top. I was tempted but I think I'm going to wait for China Glaze Magnetic. thanks for the tag :) now I have two of them to do! Maybe they Re the same one and I can do two birds with one stone :)

  3. I actually am not a magnetic fan-don't really get all the hype!!

  4. HEHE- Yeah, it doesn't really seem to fit your style. I think I just love it because it feels like a little science experiment every time you do it lol.