Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 4 - Plaid

Here is my week 4 mani. I've never done plaid. I thought about using the Konad plaid stamping plate but then thought that everyone would probably be using that one. Then I thought to do something very classic like red or green but my sample tips looked a little too Christmas-y. Eventually I settled on doing something a little funky, a little unexpected, something out of my comfort zone-so here you are- here's my funky metallic plaid mani. Hope you like it too.

I started with Color Club Lunin-icecent then used a combo of Kiss and LA Colors nail art polishes in Black, White, Blue and Lime Green. These first two pics are outdoors in natural lighting.

Here they are indoors with artificial lighting and a nice coat of SV.

As usual, I attempted my right hand too. It's a bit shaky but came out OK. I wore these for 3days this past week.

One final shot including the thumb. This was just before I too it off so there's a bit of wear. All in all thought I though it held up pretty well.


  1. Yours turned out amazeballs! Love the colours aswell they go so nice together. Jealous :P

  2. This is really gorgeous. I love the colors you chose!

  3. Love the colours together - what a fabulous mani!

  4. OMG I love it!! I love that you chose a frosted/shimmery base coat, makes it almost 3D. I'm def going to have to try this! Into my inspiration folder you go.

  5. BOTH your plaid manis look awesome. I like this one better, but that's because I like the funky bright colors.

  6. I'm with Lissa here - they both look fantastic!! I really like that this looks weaved, how did you do that?

  7. Polished Raych- Lol @ amazeballs Thanks Girlie, I really liked yours too!

    Melany- :D thanks! I was really in the mood for something funky and unexpected.

    River- You're too sweet, thanks!

    kaki- hehehe thanks! I'd love to peek in your inspiration folder :D I love all the designs you do so I bet there are some doozies in there to try!

  8. Lissa- yea, I dig the funky colors too. Thanks!

    Lauriestrode- well it kind of is weaved because of the order that you apply the polish. First I did the dark blue in a tic-tac-toe pattern, then the lime green with one vertical and one horizontal line, and then the white the same S the green just on the opposite corner, finally adding another tic-tac-toe pattern with the black. I was thinking of doing a tutorial with plaids. Would you guys like to see something like that? I was also thinking about a water marble tut and maybe a newspaper print tut. Hope this help Laurie.