Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Eve (first draft)

OK OK I know, I know I should have been posting all these as they happened but what are you gonna do?

So now because of my procrastinating y'all are getting bombarded with a ton of posts all on the same day
LOL But the good news is is that I don't write an entire essay for each post so you will probably get through them fairly quickly :D Poitive thinking, right?

Better late than never :D

Ok so this is my first attempt at my first New Years Eve mani. I really wanted to do an accent nail and had this wine glass stamp in mind. I think it came out OK but ultimately got rid of the accent nails about an hour after application.

Here are a couple shots with my big rings :D

Here is my right hand with some 'rhinestones' and a bit heavier Milani glitter 'Gems'

This was Wet n Wild 'Black Cream'  and Revlon 'Gold Coin' for the accent nails and all topped with Milani 'Gems' and a thick coat of Seche Vite.


  1. So festive! OMG I love the accent/ring finger. So cute.

  2. HAHA Better late than never was my title post today!! ANd I DO write esssays!! Am loving your mani-although those beads would drive me nuts!!!!