Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Christmas Candy Cane Mani

I did this one on Christmas Eve and wore it for SIX days! It had crazy tip where when I took it off! I did get a few compliments on it while shopping but I was kind of trying to hide them after day 4 lol.

I used a cheepie brand Ruby Kisses 'Ruby Slippers'. It is an awesome deep red packed with tons and tons of red glitter with some fine silver glitter mixed in. It comes out looking layered because the base color is darker than the glitters which gives a nice effect for little effort :) This is only to coats topped with Orly's 'In a Snap'.

Here is a nice close up but it still doesn't capture the glitzy shimmer of the glitter. I think it is very similar (from a distance) to Kleancolor 'Bite Me', just a bit deeper.

I made my candy cane design on my thumb and ring fingers using my Kiss nail striping polishes in white and glittered silver. I considered doing all ten nails but was affraid it would look too 'tween-y' :)

I really liked this one but my mom and hubby were disappointed that I took off the Shimmer Snowflakes after only a couple days. Hubby only rated it a 6 :( but I was thinking at least a 7 maybe even a 7.5 :)

The Backstory- For the past couple months I have been making him rate them on a scale of 1- 10 and it has been fun. I think maybe I will share his rating with you guys in my future posts this upcoming year. What do you think?